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thoughts from a balcony

the title, is an ode to kojo. and because i am currently sitting on a balcony, looking up at the stars. it’s 5am and silent everywhere, i am the only one in the world awake. here’s a week’s worth of wondering. "smoke and sunset, off mulhollandhe was talkin, i was wonderin boutyou and that girl,… Continue reading thoughts from a balcony

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i got a bookish tattoo 📚✨

Hello my loves, So…this week’s tattoo. I can’t stop I really can’t. I’m literally getting tattoos every week at the minute but that’s also because I’m in a constant state of mental breakdown and this is my way of dealing with things. Let me live in peace. Age= 24Placement = Right armPain = 3 / 10Price = £70This tattoo as… Continue reading i got a bookish tattoo 📚✨

not so deep (chatty)

why i bought a r*pe alarm & you should too

*trigger warning for sexual assault* Hello my loves, The title of today’s post is quite violent and I apologise for that, however, that is what rape is. A heinous, violent act committed by monsters. A couple of years ago I saw a Youtuber I watch do a little “what’s in my bag” haul and she… Continue reading why i bought a r*pe alarm & you should too