cliff jumping

If I was to hypothetically stand on this cliff would you stand with me, and if I was to hypothetically jump off it, would you jump too? Would you drive with me to the coast, my hair’s falling down my back and it’s as messy as my mind, I have no makeup on because you… Continue reading cliff jumping

not so deep (chatty)

love letters to myself – you are the universe

Hi loves, Forgot to include this in my last post but uh...happy 200th post! I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to start connecting with myself and others even more on this blog by sharing my journal entries, scanned writings etc. I just finished writing a new journal entry and decided to flip back… Continue reading love letters to myself – you are the universe



It’s weird how for years you couldn’t go a day without missing someone and now you don’t miss them at all. The sickness is gone. The feeling no longer there. The storm has washed over you and washed everything away, and now all that’s left is the calm. The calm after the storm, as they… Continue reading she