beautiful world, where are you

Winter is different for me this year and it’s so nice, I don’t want to jinx it but that’s how it is. I feel happy and light and controlled and…not depressed. I don’t think the seasonal depression or Winter blues will get me this year, I’m finding myself able to enjoy Winter (aka, my favourite… Continue reading beautiful world, where are you


Courtesy Of: Chloe Luna — A Musical Playlist

Hello friends! Today’s post is another Courtesy Of. I’ve been really trying to get as many people as I can included in these posts, because as much as I love rambling about my own musical tastes and interests of the month/week/day/minute, it’s always good to get a fresh perspective, and discover some new music myself. […]… Continue reading Courtesy Of: Chloe Luna — A Musical Playlist

photo diaries

Boa Vista, Cape Verde – Photo Diary ☼

Hi loves, I'm back from Cape Verde !! I'm tanned (and sunburnt, but we won't talk about that), feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the blogging world. I still have a couple more days off until I go back to work but I couldn't resist not posting until then (apologies if you were… Continue reading Boa Vista, Cape Verde – Photo Diary ☼